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With as much disdain of which I hold commercials and mass media advertising in in general, I want to direct everyone’s attention to this video. I’m sure most of you have seen it already, and perhaps many of your or your family members made a funny comment about how “boring” it is, but first, let me be clear here. This was the only snippet I caught on the SuperBowl yesterday, because it was playing while we ate dinner. I was placed out of view of the television itself and could only see a fragment of its reflection in the mirror, and it made me stop eating and listen. 

Despite the fact that its advertising another fucking automobile which is helping to deplete the world’s resources, clogging the road and your lungs; despite the fact that many* farmers today have switched over to a method of farming that can be more likened to a factory, pumping out millions of tons of corn for our consumption (Yum, high fructose corn syrup!); and despite the fact that it is, yes, a super bowl commercial.

…despite all of that…

It uses a great speech by the late Paul Harvey which I feel everyone should listen to. And if the speech is simply heard through the lens of another hyperculture moneygrab, then so be it. 

I can’t tell you how hard this speech hit me hearing it. I know I haven’t farmed in the traditional sense (my experience goes as far as work at Northwest Youth Corps, which has given me my unquenchable thirst for work and dirt), but it did bring me back to those summer days, and made me remember what a lot of my life will consist of after I finally graduate high school. It has inspired me to look ahead and see the greatness that lies ahead in Iceland, and wherever else my WWOOFing might take me. And hopefully someday… it might land me with a farm of my own. Just a fantasy, I know, but we all need a dream.

Anyway, I just would like everyone to remember that in this densely overpopulated world of ours, that you, no, we would be nothing without our farmers.  Go out to a local Farmer’s Market and show your damned support.

*many, not most. Most farmers still sweat and breathe traditional farming, with closeness and heart. Although even many “factory” farmers still work an extremely hard and honest living


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